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An attempt to address
“Mental Health Epidemic”

An early diagnosis for mass can tremendously benefit our society in minimising the losses because of Mental Health Disorders. Thus, “मस्तिष्क” (Mastishq) to bring simplification by ease of use, stigmafree because of self-screening capabilities and quantified outcomes for better awareness of situation. These are new, yet based on the standard psychometric testing methods which is accessible to all. Be it you, me, a patient, attendants, care givers, health workers, psychiatrists, neurologists, general practitioners or psychologists.


Using groundbreaking AI enabled technology, the platform is fully capable to perform Self-Testing without any assistance.  The platform engineered to the highest degree of precision, safety and data security.

It’s self-learning and self-improvement capabilities has been  reimagined, just like autonomous driverless cars.



The building blocks has been designed keeping variety of population and their usage behaviour on utmost priority. We know there are many, who all are not convergent with new age devices and features of smartphones. The key design aspects and user experience are being tested with prime focus, while performing the trails of Mastishq platform.


The usual first level screening takes around 5 minutes to provide you severity and probable conditions for further investigation or treatment. One can perform this anywhere, sitting at home and without involving anyone. The detailed screening will also not take more than 15-20 minutes for single area. Usually these are performed for an hour or more by experts.


The common interface is to interact through an app so that each individual can access it easily to perform self-test. At the same time your Doctor can refer this real-time information and situation awareness for better diagnosis & treatment.



The platform's app is build in a way that it keeps lowest learning curve to adopt this new technology. We are using combination of examinations by unique test patterns, interactive questions, tapping, bots assistance,  eyeball movements and many other expressions. Built and organized in such a way that it simulates an expert to a good extent for diagnosis.


The complete testing can only be meaningful if you have detailed report and with quantified value to know your current status and compare with historical reports,  to know the changes better since last. Post self testing you may recommended by app or doctor for further detailed examination for specialized conditions. The platform provides more than 20 specialized tests.



No health platform would be of use, until it is not getting redirected to the  sole owners  i.e. Doctors for next course of action and deeper analysis for decision making.

The platform would be having directory and automated recommendation engine to suggest nearby options based on your current location. 

Access to medical systems like private clinics, hospitals and other government establishments.   


The platform enables doctors and specialists to be on the platform. Thus all listed and verified Doctors contact details will be available to be contacted. The intelligent Mastishq platform will recommend the individuals based various conditions such as nearest, specialization or even availability.   


Mastishq will provide the ability to individuals to start search of practitioner or specialist based on their convenience. One key in the search to get result by details of the establishment, doctor, location, super specialization etc.  


We have envisaged the reporting construct as simple as possible for an individual who has no medical or psychiatric awareness. The reports will provide idea of severity and followed by detailed report for types of mental health conditions under Mastishq.

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