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Exciting career opportunity as a deep learning engineer, you will be building the brain of our AI platform. Looking for someone with initiative to design and develop advanced deep learning solutions and who likes to be challenged in such areas as model design, enhancement and development. Your impact will be felt across AI/ ML world for Mental Health.



The Netherlands



What You’ll Do

  • Train the existing machine learning and deep learning models and assess the speed, accuracy and performance tradeoff for visual recognition tasks

  • Automate and generalize model training pipelines and determine a set of training parameters to support diverse datasets from different origins of this world

  • Responsible for end-to-end accuracy and performance for computer vision recognition task pipelines

  • Apply the latest researches and publications,

  • Rapid assessment of the latest results for production and scalability potentials

  • Responsible for designing machine learning algorithms and implementing them in robust, efficient, and well-tested Python code

  • Lead the development of deep neural networks to solve real-world facila expression challenges such as sentimental analysis, eyeball movement, lip movement and classification, sensors, gait tracking, prediction, anomaly detection, and planning

  • Work with camera, laser, IOT devices and ultrasound data and curate datasets for machine learning

Who You are

  • Works well with product head to map business requirements to ML architectures on a novel problem

  • Worked as owner of applied ML project from conception to implementation (1 or more)

  • Acted as part of an ML team that delivered a product

  • Expert developer who uses writes clean, efficient, easy to understand code with unit tests, functional design patterns

  • Expert in Python 3 and Pandas or equivalent data manipulation library

  • Excellent document writing skills

  • Extreme creativity and resourcefulness, appetite to solve previously unsolved problems

  • A self-starter and self-motivator

  • Extremely high standards of execution, and inspires others to do the same

  • Open to giving and receiving critical feedback

  • Believes in the mission of the company, cares about fundamental fairness

  • Able to handle the ups and downs of early startup life

  • Enthusiasm for team work and pair work

  • Kind, empathetic, polite and professional

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