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A great challenge! As a clinical psychologist you will work on (psycho) diagnostics and assessments around complex issues. You observe, research, diagnose and build a sustainable tool for future use. Deal with complex cognitive function disorders and/or psychiatric problems. When necessary, you collaborate in a multidisciplinary manner and share your advice with other technological teams.





What You’ll Do

  • Responsible for full life cycle screening tool - questions and ratings development.

  • Developing valid screening questionnaires and tasks, which are culture sensitive and easy to understand and apply

  • Design the overall questions/ tasks in context of various mental illness such as Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Cognitive Impairment, addiction etc.

  • Participating in the design and creation of holistic screening methods that includes screening and advanced tools for specific area of assessment, which helps in diagnosis and prognosis.

  • Mental health related content and write-up publishing

  • Screening flow management and functional testing of screening software

  • Suggest new features and functionalities based on study of referenceable innovations and new techniques.

  • Design and conduct pilot studies or surveys to establish content validity of tools

  • Work cohesively with technical team and clinicians

  • Support Psychiatrist in screening and knowledge transfer of screening software

  • Diagnose various mental, behavioural, or emotional disorders in all age groups

  • Design patient reports & Provide clinical assessment based on available digital insights

  • Perform annotation on the audio and videos frame by frame as per the disease/ ailment characteristics

Who You are

  • Experienced in Clinical setup for diagnosis or counselling

  • Experience in research with fair command over research methodology and biostatistics

  • Keen to explore beyond the traditional methods

  • Masters in clinical or experimental psychology

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